Operational Intelligence

Using machine data to make sure you have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions

IT systems generate data that holds the answers to what customers, users, applications, networks and devices have been doing.

These answers can let you make the right operational changes to minimise cost and maximise efficiency.

Until now, gaining insights from this information has been difficult and expensive, and the insights have not been used to improve business decision-making.

Enter UXC Connect and Splunk: a technology partnership that lets you integrate machine data and gain visibility into the information that can make a difference.


We analyse user activity patterns around sensitive business data to minimise risk. By capturing and leveraging all operational and security data, we can build a more complete picture of risk and therefore improve your security posture.

Infrastructure and operations management

You need systems that perform reliably. We proactively monitor your entire infrastructure to:

  • ensure uptime
  • rapidly pinpoint and resolve problems
  • identify infrastructure service relationships
  • establish baselines
  • create analytics to report on SLAs.

This lets you get a better understanding of what the business really needs, and develop a more sophisticated model of customer behaviour and important business processes.

Real-time business insights

Use machine data to track and correlate activity in real-time and predict behaviour for the ultimate operational intelligence. Gain instant visibility through dashboards, recognise events that spur other activity, and reduce problems or identify opportunities with predictive models. Real-time business insights provide value in application performance management, compliance, business analytics and understanding the huge amounts of data generated by the Internet of Things.

Operational Intelligence value assessment

UXC Connect can conduct a joint discovery exercise with your key IT stakeholders to see exactly what’s going on in your business right now. We can show you how to turn your machine data into valuable business insight that helps you make better-informed decisions, gain end-to-end visibility, monitor systems in real-time, and find and fix problems

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Anthony Willing is Practice Manager, Operational Intelligence

Anthony is keen to discuss how Operational Intelligence can turn your machine data into valuable business insight.

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