Data Centre

Solutions that create a highly available and agile foundation to increase business advantage and exploit new opportunities

Data centres provide the foundation for delivery of the critical services that underpin an organisation’s ability to compete and succeed.

Organisations are under increasing pressure with business demanding 100% ICT availability at all times. They also need to respond to the impact of IT trends such as enterprise mobility, virtualisation and cloud and the significant increase in applications that are considered business-critical. Alongside this is the massive growth in data with the corresponding impact on space, power and bandwidth.

UXC Connect provides data protection, storage, virtualisation, and application solutions to optimise the data centre infrastructure and create a highly available and agile foundation.

Data Centre Assessment Services

UXC Connect offers a suite of data centre assessment services across the key areas of environment, infrastructure and performance. These detailed audits measure the data centre against best practice and provide you with a report containing detailed findings and recommendations for improvement.

Data Management and Protection

There are significant on-going costs associated with a storage environment that is continually expanding to cope with increasing amounts of data. Our mature approach to storage efficiency takes a holistic view of the way your organisation discovers, classifies and acts on information. We utilise efficient storage infrastructure and thorough data management policies to minimise both storage requirements and the management resources needed to provide comprehensive data protection.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtualisation has allowed businesses to gain dramatic improvements around reduced cost, increased redundancy and greater business scalability. The increasing adoption of cloud computing has taken this to the next level addressing the impact of complex and inconsistent data backup and recovery, lengthy desktop provision processes and potential system or site failures. UXC Connect’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can meet your current needs for desktop virtualisation, support rapid growth, and move forward with you as you make the transition to a cloud environment.

Private Cloud

Server virtualisation has done more to reduce data centre costs and increase workload agility than any other technology. This has seen organisations embrace the potential of virtualisation to help them move beyond the resource-hungry physical infrastructure delivery model. Many businesses see private cloud as a logical next step in the transition from infrastructure-based deployments to a service-on-demand delivery model. UXC Connect has extensive experience in all aspects of building a private cloud to provide a shared and scalable infrastructure combined with full control over company and customer data, security and regulatory compliance.

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