Solutions to manage costs and increase agility without compromising security and functionality

The question for most organisations is no longer whether to move to the cloud but when and how.

The benefits are obvious: better workload distribution, scalability, flexibility, capital cost reduction. However, it can be challenging to determine how to best leverage cloud for maximum business advantage. Selecting the right model is critical. Decision-makers must consider:

  • How business critical are the applications being moved to the cloud
  • Security and regulatory compliance demands
  • Workload usage patterns
  • What level of integration is required with other organisational functions.

Cloud Assessment Services

UXC Connect Cloud Readiness assessments are tailored to the specific needs of your business based on critical assessment stages. First, we analyse the current state of your IT environment. We then identify, score and document high-value cloud initiatives according to the best chance of success. Next, we create a preliminary roadmap to phase the implementation of your cloud initiative, then review planned initiatives and make changes as appropriate. Then we assess application portfolios and platforms to determine which are best to move to the cloud and how to prioritise the process. Finally, we quantify the benefits.

Private Cloud

Server virtualisation has done more to reduce data centre costs and increase workload agility than any other technology. Many businesses see private cloud as a logical next step in the transition from infrastructure-based deployments to a service-on-demand delivery model. UXC Connect has extensive experience in all aspects of building a private cloud to provide a shared and scalable infrastructure combined with full control over company and customer data, security and regulatory compliance.


UXC Connect offers iTaaS to deliver unified communications as a service to Australian businesses. The solution is designed to help enterprises take advantage of the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a cloud-based model to address the challenge of delivering secure communications services for a highly mobile, application-driven workforce.


Mobility as a Service (MaaS) lets companies implement flexible workspace initiatives quickly and cost-effectively. This solution combines design, implementation and operations, and support of mobility infrastructure delivered using an on-premise solution, a secure cloud-based service or a blend of both, on a platform that is managed by UXC Connect.

Managed IaaS

UXC Connect can help you meet the hybrid IT challenge. We provide a full range of 24x7 managed services across the full hybrid environment including Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service delivered on demand from the cloud. At the heart of the UXC Connect approach is a seamless integrated model that automates, simplifies and standardises services across your environment. UXC Connect Managed IaaS frees Enterprise IT teams to fulfil their role as business enablers and champions of digital transformation.

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